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    To block someone :

    1. Tap Flag Icon beside a Pictma posted by the user.
    2. Choose “Report against, This Pictmer”
    3. Select a reason or type your own reason
    4. Submit Report.

    To unblock someone:

    1. Tap Settings Icon on top right
    2. Choose Blocked Pictmers
    3. Tap Unblock icon Unblock Icon against the user you want to unblock.

    People aren’t notified when you block them. Learn more about blocking people.


    When you block a Pictma/Post – it will be removed from your feed.

    When you block a Pictmer – all of their Pictmas are removed from your timeline and searches.

    By default, anyone can see your profile and posts on Pictma. You can disguise yourself by not using images personal to you (yourself, pets, friends, family, etc) in your profile picture and choosing a username that does not include your given name.

    You can also choose to post anonymously so that no other Pictmer can tell the post came from you.

    Things to keep in mind about posting anonymously

    Anonymous posts you share to social networks may be visible to the public depending on your privacy settings.

    You can take your anonymous Pictma post and share it in other social media platforms. While your followers in other accounts will be able to see what you have shared. They will not know the original posting came from you because the username will be anonymous.

    IMPORTANT: Be sure when doing this not to include yourself in pictures, descriptions, and comments to ensure your anonymity.

    How to set your account to anonymous from the Pictma app on your Android or iOS device?

    1. Tap on My Profile Icon
    2. Tap on Edit Icon near your profile image
    3. Choose your Anonymity preference as “Yes”
    4. You can choose to be anonymous for all Picmtas you post or choose to be anonymous when posting a Pictma

    You can contact us here to report abusive photos, videos and messages from other Pictmers and we will immediately investigate the inappropriate behavior and take the necessary actions.

    From our website: You can contact us here to report and we will immediately investigate and take the necessary actions

    From your app:
    1. Below the Pictma description on the right you will see a flag
    2. Tap Report Icon and you will see the following prompts to report the post:
      • Reason you are reporting the post
      • Additional information you would like to share regarding the post
    3. Once you have completed reporting this post the flag will change to Tick Report Icon
    Note: If the flag is Report Icon you will know that fellow Pictmers have already reported the post and we invite you to do the same

    If someone shares a photo or video to a social network (like Twitter, Facebook and so on) using Pictma, the image will be visible on that network and the permalink will be active. In other words, the photo will be publicly accessible by anyone who has access to its direct link/URL.

    • Keep in mind that sharing your Pictma anonymous postings of a photo or video to a social network will only remain anonymous as long as you do not share that the original post in Pictma came from you.

    Pictma is a fast, safe, and easy way to share your voice for how civil leaders act in your neighborhood.

    • Consider the context

      When you see an upsetting post, caption, or comment on Pictma, consider the larger conversation it may be connected to. Step back and determine the context of the post. Many people use Pictma in ways that are specific only to our service, which can create some confusion when something is taken out of context. Have you checked hashtags associated with the post? It’s possible that the post is part of a trend or may be referring to something that’s not obvious. Review all information related to the post or the full profile of the person who shared the post to understand the whole story.

    • Think before you comment

      When you find yourself in a dispute, stop and think about the effect your next post might have. In these moments, ask yourself, “Is this worth it?” or “What do I gain if I continue to engage in this conflict?” While it’s easier said than done, acknowledging harassment by engaging in harassment yourself can reinforce bad behavior and may encourage the other person to continue their aggressive behavior.

    • Block and ignore

      When you receive unwanted communication from another person, it’s recommended that you block that person and end any communication. Specifically, this will prevent that person from following you or searching for your profile. Abusive people often lose interest once they realize that you will not respond or that they can no longer interact with you.

    We can’t do this without you and need your help. There are several ways you can support Pictma.

    • Download our app from Google Play or Apple Store, join us as a fellow Pictmer and share what is happening in your community, and review the app.
    • Donate to our cause through iFundWomen  and help us generate funds to cover costs for data storage and upgrades to our platform.
    • Tell a friend about the good work we are doing on your social media accounts and invite them to join in.
    • Go to our Careers page to explore joining us at Team Pictma.