Internship Program at Pictma

The Internship Recruiting Team is driven by the passion to recognize emerging talent. Our year around program places the best students in positions that they will grow both technically and personally through their experience working closely with their Manager, Mentor, and team. We are dedicated to providing an experience that allows for the intern to experience work life at Pictma by given them projects that are critical to their team’s success.

Instead of going on coffee runs and making copies, you’ll be seated at the table making critical decisions that will influence not only your team, but the overall achievement of Pictma’s mission.

About The Team

Pictma is looking for talented, highly motivated university students for our Information Security team to help increase the security posture across Pictma. Our future talent will be interns as Information Security Engineers, Program Managers and Technology Program Managers in training. You will wear many hats as you jump in a fast- paced environment and produce results.


  • Remote

InfoSec Departments

  • IT Governance Risk & Compliance
  • Security Engineering
  • Detection & Incident Response
  • Technical Program Management


  • Provide security monitoring and incident response services supporting the mission to protect Pictma.
  • Knowledge of different Operating Systems.
  • Assist in IT compliance risk assessment process to determine scoping for financial relevant systems.
  • Partner alongside team members to draft InfoSec policies and build accompanying roll-out plans for technical implementation.
  • Document and formalize processes into Pictma’s standard that can be applied in our Information Security Standardization process.
  • Basic Help Desk troubleshooting help to configure email, access documents and create protected cloud repositories for other members of the team.
  • Build and structure internal communication to better educate our other team members across Pictma of status of technical projects and tasks.
  • dentify additional areas of opportunity and means for knowledge sharing practices across teams.


  • Currently has, or is in the process of obtaining a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Information Technology, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Systems, or relevant technical field experience in a security domain.
  • Knowledge of different technologies and tools is a plus.
  • Effectively communicate through Google Drive, Microsoft Office, Outlook etc.
  • Be able to work in team and achieve goals.

Send your resume to or connect with us through our LinkedIn page here.